Bureau of Tourism (BOT)  Director Kevin Mesebeluu announced over the weekend that he has stepped down from the role on Oct, 9, to focus more time on his young kids.

Mesebeluu has served in the role for two years and he resigned after spearheading several initiatives which he said would result in the transformation of the tourism sector.

“It is with a heavy and determined heart that I inform you about my abdication as the Director for the Bureau of Tourism.  Above all others, I am making this life decision so I can devote more time to family and to focus on a healthy mind, body, and spirit.  I am forever grateful for the trust you placed in me as I have led the work here at BOT for the last two years,” Mesebeluu said in a letter addressed to his friends and colleagues.
Under Mesebeluu’s  watch, BOT have launched the Palau Carbon Neutral Project, the Boat Owners Association for Tourism, the Sun Screen Regulations, The Palau Community Eco-based Tourism Project with the States, the Palau developed Green Boots program, the Tour Operators Regulations, the Carnegie Mellon University project for a data and reporting system, a new Strategic Plan for the Bureau,

Serving as director, he also  ensured the adoption by Congress of the Responsible Tourism Policy Framework,  assisted  in several tourism initiatives such as the The Responsible Tourism Education Act, the  Restart Tourism Plan and Restart Tourism Toolkit.

The BOT was also part of the drafting of the  National Pandemic Safety Regulations.
He said the BOT was also instrumental in the development of many world leading initiatives such as the  Partnership with the Palau Pledge.

He said he will also help with the transition period  by presenting a transition report with updates and next steps for current and future projects. 

“I hope this transition report assists the Bureau and the next Director to realize the great vision as articulated in the RTPF, that of a sustainable and equitable tourism sector that delivers on the promise of a Pristine Paradise, a Palau for everyone, ‘ he said,

He also added that he  will remain available to assist the Ministry of Natural  Resources, Environment and Tourism until the   next Director is chosen.

Mesebeluu thanked the people and organizations that worked with him during his tenure.
“I express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the wonderful extended family here at our Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment, and Tourism for welcoming me and working so diligently together to accomplish so much.  I would also like to extend my deep appreciation to our partners at Palau Visitors Authority, the Belau Tourism Association, the Palau Chamber of Commerce, the Palau Pledge, and the Boaters Association, the Tourism Sector and the State Governments.”  ( B. Carreon)

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