Growing number of incidents that resulted in unnecessary loss of lives, injuries and damages to properties, prompted a meeting between President Tommy Remengesau Jr. and the Council of Chiefs (COC) to discuss means to address the rise of these problems.

Yesterday, President Remengesau Jr. and the Council of Chiefs, an entity created by law, made up of the high chiefs of all the 16 States and serving as advisors to the President, discussedpossible traditional solutions that can be used.

Earlier in his request to the Council of Chiefs, Remengesau stated that “it appears that the youth and young adults of Palau are being particularly impacted by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, related unemployment and the corresponding financial assistance from the WIOA.”

In recent weeks, there have been number of serious vehicle accidents that resulted in serious injuries and even death.  An incident over a week ago involving people throwing rocks resulted in a shooting death of one of the people involved by a police officer.

“According to the Minister of Justice, a large number of the recent car accidents on our streets and violence occurring at the night clubs and parks around Palau are resulting from alcohol and drug abuse by young Palauans,” expressed Remengesau in his letter to COC.

Furthermore, the letter said that some of those that have received unemployment financial assistance have spent their funds on “behavior with negative net effects to our society” rather than on essential needs of their families.

He added in that “it is critical that we find ways to help our young people help their families..along with all Palauans…during this difficult time.”

Among the possible solutions discussed yesterday included curfew, earlier bar closure and possibly a state bul.  These were proposed but the Council of Chiefs will still need to meet and decide the best course of action for each state and inform the Office of the President.

Remengesausaid that he believes that “our traditional approaches to containing violence and mishaps in our communities will be more effective if we collaborate on a united front.”

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