In commemoration of Earth Day and to address the issue of the fires that have caused damage to the environment, the Earth Day Committee has banded together to plant trees at Ngatpang and Ngchesar state.

Some of the agencies that participated in the activity include: Palau Conservation Society, Environmental Quality Protection Board, Ngatpang State Government, Melkeok Conservation Network, Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce, Koror State Government, and Friends of Palau National Marine Sanctuary.

Rimuu Williams, a staff member of Palau Conservation Society estimated that at least 300 plants were planted that day. Btaches, mahogany, and omail were some of the type of plants that were planted.

According to the Environmental Quality Protection Board press release “planting trees will rehabilitate the area and help to reduce erosion and sedimentation thereby protecting our watershed, water quality, and near-shore waters.”

In her welcoming remarks, Governor of Ngatpang State Fransesca R. Otong said that “It made me sad to see all of this ugly burnt area. I thank the Earth Day Organizing Committee for choosing to work in our state. The work we do today will go a long way in enhancing the environmental security of Ngatpang State for many years to come.”

While in Ngchesar, Carlos Waisisang an Environmental Engineering Technician of the Environmental Quality Protection Board worked alongside youth and is hoping to instill environmental stewardship to the younger community.

“Spending Earth Day planting trees along the road of Ngersuul in Ngchesar empowers these young kids, instilling pride and care for their environment, ensuring that they continue to care for and protect their environment in the years to come,” stated Carlos Waisisang.