A ten-day trial has been set in the month of December this year for man who is charged for trafficking of methamphetamine and criminal conspiracy.

Shaft Katosang awaits trial which is set for December 2-4 and December 9-13.  Katosang was caught after airport when customs officials discovered a suspicious package addressed to Michael Atlas. The customs officials claim to have found methamphetamine, which was tested later with result being positive, hidden in an electric drill shipped to Palau.

According to statements by NEA Special Agent Jovian Adelbai, the NEA and Customs officers repacked the drill to conduct a controlled delivery operation.

The package was then taken by the customs agent to the HBO remittance office while NEA and customs officers conducted surveillances.

Atlas arrived at HBO remittance and claimed the packaged. He was then detained by the officials and in the interview conducted he admitted that the package is for Katosang. Atlas also revealed that the operation was pre planned between him and Katosang and was supposed to take place at his barracks.

Atlas came into an agreement with the officials to deliver meth to Katosang as planned.

However, when contacted by Atlas, Katosang told Atlas that someone else would be picking up the package instead of him.

A surveillance was set up by the officials at barracks where Atlas lived. The package was then picked up by Karn Ebert who was caught and interviewed by the authorities.

Ebert admitted to the authorities that it was Katosang who sent him to pick up the package and agreed to deliver the package back to Katosang as planned.

When Ebert met with Katosang, he indicated that they were in trouble and Katosang refused to accept the package.

After a search warrant was obtained and executed at Katosang’s residence, a paraphernalia used to smoke meth was found. It was then that Katosang admitted to agreeing to import meth along with Atlas. He also admitted to sending Ebert to pick up the package.

According to a recent report by Attorney General Ernestine Rengiil, there has been a total of 40 Drug cases handled by her office since January 2017.

The report shows that since the creation of the NEA, to become a separate Bureau within the Ministry of Justice in 2017, with Ismael Aguon as Director and police officers dedicated to enforce drug laws, much progress has been achieved with the Republic’s fight against importation, trafficking, use and possession of illegal drugs. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)