Within the school break, the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) and Bureau of Agriculture (BOA) helped PCC-CRE holding four-weeks summer camp (SersEd). Students aged from 9-18 came to Taiwan farm to visit, learn and hand-on practice about farming, in order to strengthen their understanding and passion in agriculture.

The BOA extension officer Bernice Sidoi, TTM senior specialists Benjamin Tsai and Sunny Shie taught the students farming skills through the activities of making air-layering, grafting, composting, fertilizing and planting vegetables. The nutritionist Joy Lin talked about healthy diet and demonstrated how to cook use local vegetables to prepare kimchi of both Taiwanese and Korean style. All the students brought a bowl of their hand-made kimchi back home. This cooking class was planned to help students to accept and consume more vegetables.

After the summer camp, TTM received 3 students from WIOA to join the extension work with BOA. They are helping the school farm of Ibobang high school and home gardens at Koror and Babeldaob.

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