With the support of Bureau of Agriculture, over 20 representatives from hotels and restaurants attended the 4th taro processing workshop conducted by the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) at TTM’s training center in Nekken, Aimeliik on November 12 to 13.

The purpose of the workshop was to teach service providers from hotels and restaurants in Palau to utilize excessive taro production to create exquisite products, and to link Palau’s local specialty with tourism. Palasia Hotel, Palau Royal Resort, Island Paradise Resort Club, Papago International Resort, Ocean Star Hotel, Wahoo Restaurant and Rur Coffee sent participants to attend this meaningful workshop.

Mr. Danny Yang, the excutive chef of Red On Tree Shop and the owner of Le Vent Et Le Soleil Dessert Shop, top pastry chef from Taiwan taught participants to use fresh taro and taro flour to make gelato and bake madeleine, financier, chiffon cake and puff. To add more local flavors to the pastry, other local produced lemon, dragon fruit or honey were also added.

Participants were amazed and inspired that gelato and pastry making was very easy and didn’t cost much. They would love to give it a try. Mr. Yang also instructed participants to develop new products, calculate cost and conduct market survey. Perhaps Palau will have more dessert options in the near future. (PR)