The Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) organized a horticulture and taro processing workshop in collaboration with the State Government of Airai on November 20.

Twenty-three participants from Airai State Women Association and members of Palau-Taiwan Farmers’ Association came to the community center in Ked, Airai, to learn more knowledge about horticultural skills and to discover new values for taro.

The workshop started with the briefing of TTM’s history and the development in Palau. Mr. Vincent Yang, team leader of TTM, presented the goals and subjects of horticulture and nutrition enhancement project.

TTM horticulture specialist Jeffery Lin introduced abundant varieties of vegetable and fruit cultivation and management, pest and disease control. Mr. Hartman Ybelmar, TTM staff displayed air layering and grafting techniques for fruit trees. Mr. Benjamin Tsai, horticulture specialist of TTM showcased the process of taro flour making with commercial scale equipments.

Tsai demonstrated how to make taro ball which was the most popular dessert in Taiwan by simply using taro flour, tapioca starch, water and sugar. Participants loved the tenderly chewy and tasty taro ball. Participants also gained their first hands-on experience on making taro ball.

The TTM in Palau has been dedicated to enhancing agricultural development in the island country for more than three decades. It operates a demonstration farm in Nekken, Aimeliik, and has administered a number of programs.

TTM is glad to share technology and experience for whom interested in horticultural cultivation and taro processing. Please kindly contact TTM at 488-6557, 544-1616. (PR)