Those who use Twitter as a messenger of choice in Palau may have noticed that for the past four days, one cannot see new tweets on Twitter nor send a tweet. Yesterday, it finally came back online.

When reached for information on Wednesday, Myers Techitong from Palau National Communications Corporation(PNCC), said they are working with their service provider in Guam to fix the problem.  The service was restored yesterday although the official cause of the blockage is still to be confirmed, it is suspected that Palau may have been blocked from one of the caches which host many popular apps and services.

Reports from PNCC as of yesterday said that Twitter is accessible but some services may still be affected.

Despite the blackout, not all was lost to those whose lives revolve around Twitterverse.  Some managed to use the free VPN (Virtual Private Network) that can be downloaded from the Opera browser to access their Twitter accounts.

For non-Twitters, Twitter is like texting but using the internet.  It accepts only up to 140 characters, meaning very short messages or links to specific sites for information.  It is like Messenger for very impatient people with no time to chat with multiple persons.  It gives you snapshots of people’s thoughts, news, and other reactions all the time.  

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