The Chief Public Defender has filed a motion for continuance in former Anguar Governor Maria-Gates Meltel case on the basis that two investigators who work for the Office of Special Prosecutor, Helenda Oimei and Joram Madlutk were involved in a criminal activity.

This motion questions the credibility of the investigations done by Oimei and Madlutk. Referring to Gates-Meltel case, Chief Public Defender Jim Hanley in the motion said, “At least one of these investigators is listed as a witness for the prosecution.”

Hanley further said, “This request for a continuance is not made for the purpose of delay; rather it is made so justice may be served.”

The allegations go back to the former Chief of Division of Correction Richard Ngiratrang corruption case. Ngiratrang worked at Surangel and Sons tasked with serving statements to the company’s customers with outstanding credits and or debts. The CID investigation in the case suggests that Sgt. Madlutk and Det. Oimei were co-partners in this work.

The Ministry of Justice ‘s policy states that having a second job is permissible as long as its duty schedule does not come in conflict with the primary employment.

As per the report, the trio took payments from the government for the hours they worked at Surangel and sons.

There are no charges filed separately against Oimei or Madlutk.

Gates-Meltel has a case of cheating, violation of code of ethics, misconduct in public office against her.

Gates-Meltel has been accused of using Anguar State assets or property for private activities that serve mo governmental or public purpose.

She has also been accused of violating Code of Ethics by soliciting, receiving or accepting compensation or other consideration for the performance of her official duties or responsibilities expect as provided by law.

She currently works as Administrative Officer at Bureau of Foreign Affairs & Trade under Ministry of State.

Gates-Meltel commented on the charges against her in the last Island Times report and said, “There are some people who are trying to frame me. It is political. It is the people who were against me when I was the governor.” (By Eshan Kalyanikar)