United States’ Defense Secretary Mark Esper is scheduled to visit Palau next week, according to wires report.
Although the Office of the President and the U.S. Embassy in Koror would not confirm the reports, a government source revealed that Sec. Esper will be spending a few hours in Palau on the 28th.
The last visit Palau had from a high level U.S. official was in 1986, from former Secretary of State George Schultz.
At that time, Palau and U.S. are negotiating the terms of the Compact of Free Association.
This year, Palau is in the process of renegotiating its Compact financial package with the U.S. which is due to expire on 2024.
The visit by Sec. Esper is seen as a sign of the U.S. reaffirming its presence in the Western Pacific.
Palau has also received a humanitarian mission from the U.S. military through Koa Moana 20.
The mission which comprises of 122 Marines and sailors have extended their stay in Palau until the end of the month.
Sec. Esper is reported to be traveling to Guam and Hawaii from Palau.
According to Marianas Business Journal, Guam Gov. Lourdes Leon Guererro confirmed Esper’s visit to the U.S. territory slated on Aug, 29.
Reports also said that during his trip, Esper will attend commemorative events marking the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

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  1. Will the Defense Secretary Mr.Mark Espar need to be Quarantine like others entering Palau since we are COVID FREE Nation ?

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