NGEREMLENGUI, Republic of Palau – U.S. Marines and Sailors with Task Force Koa Moana 22 volunteered to work with the Palau National Police Force in the Omesuub Ngosisechakl Emesmechokl Law Enforcement Explorers Program from 19 to 24 June, 2022.
The mission of the O.N.E. LEEP program is “To direct oneself towards a life free of crime through teachings and living by standards that create a safe and stable livelihood and community.” It provides a way to keep young adults productive in a safe environment, with participants ranging from ages six to seventeen. The term “Omesuub Ngosisechakl Emesmechokl” translates to “learning, teaching, instruction, and to put things in order.” The O.N.E. LEEP program utilizes role models who volunteer to help teach the participants, run the camp activities, and demonstrate behavior worth modeling. Throughout the week, the participants learned about Palauan traditions, leadership skills, and productive ways to contribute to their communities.
“It was a great opportunity to immerse in the community and work with the local youth around us,” said U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Samuel Fletcher, a volunteer from Task Force Koa Moana 22. “Our team jumped at the idea to work alongside the local law enforcement and help impact the community we have been with.”
U.S. Marines and Sailors who volunteered alongside the Palau National Police Force taught skills aimed to instill basic tenets of discipline and camaraderie, such as drill movements. The volunteers also participated in physical training with the youth, demonstrating the importance of health and wellness through physical activity.
“Our goal as instructors is to instill discipline, integrity, honesty, and moral standards that they can learn and use in their daily lives,” said Cadet Obak J. Mad, an instructor with the 28th Basic Police Academy.
“Having Marines volunteer was beneficial because it inspired the youth, and what better way to set the example to the youth than to teach them some of the Marine Corps core values.”
Marines and Sailors from Task Force Koa Moana 22 are in the Republic of Palau from June to August 2022. Named “Koa Moana” after a Hawaiian/Polynesian phrase meaning “ocean warrior,” the task force is designed to strengthen and reinforce relationships between the U.S. and partner nations in the Indo-Pacific region and enhance interoperability with local security establishments in support of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command strategic and operational objectives.

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