The Local Governance Strengthening Project, a joint partnership between the United Nations Development Program- and the Bureau of Domestic Affairs, Ministry of State in collaboration with Palau Media Council, will conduct a two- day “Governance Clinic for Emerging Media Press.”
The workshop is held on August 14th at Palasia Hotel Palau and again on August 25th at West Hotel @ Lebuu aims to promote understanding and adherence to the constitution, as well as provide technical and practical information on the implementation of the constitution.
“Drawing from synergies and past lessons learned of our governing system by further defining how the governing system interacts with media and community through formal and informal processes,” it said.
The two-day clinic will provide some basic civics education and highlight differences in the traditional and modern democratic systems by encouraging emerging media practitioners’ participation in decision making to encourage positive social changes within our communities.
At the end of the 2-day Clinics, the hopeful outcome is that participants will understand the role of the media and the community in strengthening effective local governance, which is the key to development and is essential to improving transparency, accountability, and the quality of life of people.
Director Eunice Akiwo of the Bureau of Domestic Affairs stated that “the Bureau hopes the workshop is a beginning of long- term partnership with private sector media to explore how emerging press be part of decision making to encourage positive changes and explore how Ngerel Belau can contribute to incubating that emerging interest”.

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