United States Ambassador John Hennessy-Nilan

United States Ambassador John Hennessy-Niland accredited to the Republic of Palau announced his retirement from the foreign service at the US July 4th Independence Day celebration at the Palau Pacific Resort. this week.

“I recently informed President Biden and President Whipps of our decision to retire,” Ambassador Niland said of the bittersweet moment, celebrating their 3rd and final 4th of July celebration in Palau.

Ambassador Hennessey-Niland who arrived in Palau on the last flight before Palau closed its borders in March of 2020, expressed his appreciation to the staff at the US Embassy, his wife, and the Palauan government for working together over the 3 years to accomplish a number of achievements including working closely with Palau to protect against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his retirement, Ambassador Hennessey-Niland, that the will continue to support the strengthening of the relationship between the two countries.

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