United States Department of the Interior awards USD 300,000 to the Republic of Palau to support reparation and rehabilitation of schools and healthcare facilities damaged by Typhoon Surigae.
On May 26, 2021, the Republic of Palau received USD 300,000 from the US Department of Interior in response to Typhoon Surigae. In a letter from the Acting Assistant Secretary Nikolao Pula of the Insular and International Affairs, he states that the purpose of this grant is for “the Repairs and Rehabilitation to Schools and Health Care Facilities Damaged by Typhoon Surigae project.”
Palau continues to recover from Typhoon Surigae, which hit Palau last month in mid April.
Cost estimate of damages caused by Typhoon Surigae reached $4.8 million with most of the damages to public infrastructures.
Over150 homes were damaged and assistance came from many of Palau’s friends including United States, Taiwan, Australia and others including NGOs such as International Red Cross.
Palau government says “we thank all partners, agencies, and organizations that continue to help Palau, and we recognize the US Department of Interior for their special assistance.”

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