RPPL 11-8, the 8th law passed this year approved funding to purchase five (5) hemodialysis machines and appropriate $320k for 2021 Belau Games. The law also amended 40 PNC 1308 Non-Communicable Diseases Fund restoring the original managing authority back to the National Coordinating Mechanism.
The law appropriated $140,000 to purchase 5 dialysis machines and parts to replace aging machines currently used to treat 30 patients. Six of existing operational machines are over 10 years old and are in need of servicing and parts.
In support of PNOC’s mission promoting sports, the law findings states, “approximately 70% of deaths in palau are caused by NCDs (namely heart disease, stroke and cancer) and that the four most common risk factors for developing NCDs are tobacco use, alcohol abuse, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity.” OEK believes that NCD Fund should promote physical activity including all kinds of sports and others that involve physical activity.
$320,000 was appropriated to the 16 State governments in preparation for the upcoming 2021 Belau Games implementing a proposal “Belau Games 2021 and Beyond: Positioning an Active and Healthy Society”. Themes of the proposal are Exercise is Medicine, Food is Medicine and Thought as Medicine.
The bill mandate all the States provide detail report of expenditures of funds allocated to them from this fund.
RPPL 11-8 amended the Non-Communicable Diseases Fund law, again, returning the overall oversight and management of the NCD Fund to the National Coordinating Mechanism, a body created by law to implement measures for NCD prevention programs in line with the objectives of Executive Order 379.
In 2017, this law was changed to allocate NCD Funds to states and mandated states to implement the funds in accordance with the Executive Order with assistance of NCM. The programs have stalled due to limited capacity of many of the States to implement programs. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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