01 September [Koror]. A travel, planned by Vice President Antonio Bells off-island on the 2nd September 2016 has left President Remengesau troubled while attending the 10th Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders at the east-west center in Honolulu, Hawaii.


A memorandum issued to his Ministry staff states that he will be off island on September 1st and returning on September 6.  In the memo, he delegated tasks to his staff and referred all responsibilities of Vice President or Minister of Justice to the President.

“All matters requiring my attention as Vice President and Minister of Justice should be forwarded to the President,” stated VP Bells on the Memorandum.  The memorandum which is addressed to his Ministry is copied to the Office of the President and all Ministers.

Chief of Staff of the Office of the President Secilil Eldebechel in a letter to Vice President Bells on September 1st, noted that President Remengesau was “troubled” to hear of Vice President travel plans.

The letter protests the intended departure of the Vice President which it states violates the Constitutional and statutory provisions of Article VIII Section 2 of the Constitution and 2 PNC section 203.  The letter further requests Vice President Bells to reconsider his travel plans.

President Remengesau had delegated authority to Vice President Bells prior to his departure on August 26, 2016. In the letter, he informed VP Bells that he will be off-island on official business from August 28 to September 5th.

Despite concerns, Vice President Antonio Bells departed on Friday morning.  Vice President Bells could not be reached for his side of the story. [/restrict]