T.H. Aren B. Palik poses with H.E. Hisashi Michigami

Great Friendship & FSM-Japan Kizuna

PALIKIR, Pohnpei—On October 6th, 2022, the Honorable Aren B. Palik—Vice President of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)—received His Excellency Huang Zheng, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China (China) and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, and His Excellency Hisashi Michigami, Ambassador of Japan, for courtesy calls. The meetings were the Vice President’s first formal discussions with the Ambassadors of China and Japan since his election in September, 2022.

. Aren B. Palik poses with H.E. Huang Zheng

In the meeting with Ambassador Huang, Vice President Palik emphasized the importance of the FSM-China Great Friendship, and thanked the Ambassador for China’s support during the COVID- 19 Pandemic. “As we open our borders and we continue to implement some of the crucial projects between our countries, such as the National Convention Center and the renovations for the Pohnpei State Government Complex, the President and I can affirm that we are ready to entertain proposed charter flights to bring in the necessary workers and materials for these projects,” Vice President Palik said.

Ambassador Huang described to Vice President Palik that China intends to donate 2,000 solar lights and flashlights for rural communities in the FSM, and advised that a forthcoming meeting between the Education Ministers of China and Pacific Island Countries will be useful to enhancing cooperation in this area.

Following the meeting with Ambassador Huang, Vice President Palik received Ambassador Michigami. In the meeting with Ambassador Michigami, Vice President Palik described the importance of the FSM-Japan Kizuna (special bond), and thanked the Ambassador for Japan’s close relationship with the FSM. In particular, the Vice President noted the FSM’s continued appreciation for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and its Volunteers, as well as support to the Fisheries & Maritime Institute, among a voluminous number of other forms of historical, ongoing, and forthcoming assistance. “The people of the FSM and the people of Japan share a special bond, Ambassador,” Vice President Palik said, “and we intend to remain close friends, allies, and partners.”

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