On the first day of the Sixth Regular Session on Tuesday, April 12, the Honorable Hokkons Baules, President of the Senate, presiding officers and all members of the Senate welcomed special guests from the Belau Modekngei School to the Olbiil Era Kelulau in Ngerulmud, Melekeok.
Teacher Rengiil Medalarak and 12th Grade students Damion Rekemesik, Emmanuel Peredo, Linda Yuri, Oreall Kloulechad, and Thomas Marino were given a tour of the Senate office and chamber. The visit included meeting and greeting members of the Senate and its staff. Following the tour, the students and their teacher made their way to the gallery where they observed the entirety of the session learning about the legislative process.
The Senate extends their appreciation to BMS for their visit and wishes the students’ academic success in the remaining days of the school year.

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