Monday, 15th February 2021, the Senate with the House of Delegate and the Vice President / Minister of State convene the first meeting with the State Governors to welcome the newly installed Vice President / Minister of State, J. Uduch Sengebau Senior.
At the meeting, the Senate President Baules, HOD Speaker Anastacio and Governors’ Association Chairman Shmull welcomed the Vice President / Minister of State Senior with congratulatory messages that included emphasis on assistance to our respective State communities during this trying time of the COVID19 global pandemic. Messages highlighted the Ministry’s role in addressing Palau’s domestic matters through our State Government Offices as well as management of Palau’s international interests’ needs to be rooted from local domestic priorities and needs. Chairman Shmull took this opportunity to highlight several subject matters posing concerns for State Governors are the possible extension of the Cross Act until end of 2021, PPUC Tariff Adjustment, NCD Appropriation and the upcoming Belau Games.
The Vice President / Minister of State Sengebau Senior also took this opportunity to reciprocate the welcoming messages, expressed appreciation to all for a successful turnout of the meeting discussions as well as shared her commitments to strengthen capabilities of all offices under her portfolios to improve service delivery and access to services. Vice President Sengebau Senior also utilized the occasion to have her management team present what services are available and accessible through the Office of the Vice President and the Ministry of State.
Point of contacts for the Office of the Vice President / Minister of State:
Roxanne Siual Blesam, VP Chief of Staff—488.3198
Shelley de Blare Remengesau, Grant Writing and Reporting—488.3198
Wayman Towai, National Emergency Management Office –587.6366
Eunice Akiwo, Bureau of Domestic Afffairs—767.2343
Jeffery Antol, Bureau of Foreign Affairs—767.2490

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