Koror, Palau—The project to replace the cooling system of the two Niigata engines from a cooling tower system to a radiator system is finally complete with the new system currently in operation at the Malakal Power Plant (MPP).


The implementation of this project began in May 20, 2017 with the construction of the radiators’ foundation followed by the demolition of the cooling tower system. These works along with the installation of the new radiators for each Niigata engine were conducted one at a time. Niigata #15 was completed first and has been running on the new radiator system since July 27, 2017. Similar activities were undertaken for Niigata #14 and was put into commercial operation on August 24, 2017.

The previous cooling tower system consumed 35,000 gallons of water per day while the new radiator cooling system uses only 20 gallons per day, a reduced water use of more than 99 percent. This reduction will significantly reduce MPP’s monthly water use which is a cost cutting measure for PPUC.

According to the Power Generation Division Manager, Tito Cabunagan, the newly installed radiator cooling system is “most effective and ideal” for Palau as it uses much less water and requires minimal maintenance. This is really good for PPUC and the Republic especially during long dry periods like droughts. The radiator system made from Ecodyne guarantees efficient cooling and improved capacity of both Niigata engines. [/restrict]