At around 11 am on Sunday, August 21, a red sedan traveling from Koror to Airai overtook two vehicles before colliding with a black pickup truck leaving Surangel Compound at Klubed, Airai, and slamming into a power pole across Klubed, about 50 feet from Bem Ermii.

The accident caused a power outage in Koror and Airai.  According to the PPUC report, the “contact from the collision caused a heavy line shaking and short circuit of phases on the 34.5 KV transmission.” 

The two men in the red sedan were identified as Itol Kazuyuki and Morris Selbart.  The driver, Itol Kazuyuki succumbed to his injuries and passed away at the hospital on the same day.  Morris Selbart, who was the passenger, remains in the hospital.  The driver of the black pickup truck that was hit is also undergoing medical attention.

The second vehicle accident happened on the same day at around 5 pm near the K-9 Unit compound in Ngerusar, Airai.  A silver double-cab Toyota pickup truck was discovered upside down, but the vehicle’s driver had already left the scene, according to the police report.

The pickup truck, according to sources, belongs to Senator Dr. Kuartei.  No one was reported injured in this accident, but the police are seeking more information from the public about this accident.

Ministry of Justice urges safe driving, keeping within the speed limit and using all available safety precautions on the road, and always buckle up. 

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