Office of WIOA is struggling to answer many questions from the community regarding the status of the assistance that was offered by the United States under the US Cares Act, Cares Act Extension, and America Rescue Plan to mitigate the impact of the COVId-19 pandemic on those who lost their jobs or lost hours due to reduction of business operations.

After the program date expired earlier this month, some of the beneficiaries of the program worriedly asked a number of questions trying to gauge the possible effect the program will have on them.

Some who had filed their reports but have not received payments for some of the weeks they reported wanted to know if they will continue to receive money for all the weeks they’ve reported while others wanted to know how much of the funds still remain, again worried that they may not be able to receive money for the weeks they reported already.

One of the most often asked questions was whether or not they will receive their social security reimbursement.

Despite sporadic reports from WIOA, misinformation continues to be shared and beneficiaries of the program are left wondering what to believe.

Some are told that earlier funding for the pandemic has expired while others are told that the money has run out.  With the private sector down and so many businesses closed or barely open, many continue to fear that they will lose the only source of income.  With both US assistance and CROSS expiring the same month, people are frantic to know the information.

According to Ms. Ngirmeriil, the new Executive Director for WIOA, some have been to the office and had their questions and issues resolved but the boards of WIOA, both local and state have been overly cautious delaying the release of information to the general public and particularly the worrying beneficiaries of the program. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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  1. Why does it takes so long for wioa to process the the weekly claims? Sept. 07, 2021 was the last day for all the Laid-Off to turn in they’re weekly claims while the cut hours would follow right after. Why can’t the people from WIOA process the weekly claims first for all those who are Laid-Off while waiting for the check stubs for the cut hours. That way WIOA workers won’t have they’re works piled up. As for the SS refund, what is the hold up? How come they don’t refund the SS first and later work on the MSA or the HCF later.
    Just a thought as we are really worried as we have bills to pay and to put food on our table. This is the only source of income that us laid off are dependent on.

    1. Why would the local and state boards be so cautious in relaying this information? Why wouldn’t they want to put out this information so those who have these concerns can put them to rest, no matter the outcome. You cannot plan either way when information that is needed to make these important decisions is withheld. Keeping people in the dark until the last possible moment is careless and irresponsible of those on power..

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