Wolf Note is that strange sound produced by a cello or a guitar as if the instrument and the strings are communicating in disagreement. I may be wrong as it’s hard to communicate with words. Ngkora wa longesb or e ngolengchongch.  Ngdubch  delongel a teblol notes el ua le chadecheduch a guitar ma seng el diak loltirakl ra llechul a music. I’m sure e kemla rongesii. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is a chimol family a ngarngii a ngkel medubch el kmal ngodch. Engdi ngarngii a klungiolel ma ultutel el churrengelii a chimong el chongalk.  So we include him and her at the table.  It’s unconditional love making them feel they belong. Like God loves us despite our imperfections — our unique imperfections and flaws.

For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack. ~ Rudyard Kipling (THE LAW of the JUNGLE). Each child is a member of the pack.

DIVERSITY is having a place at the table. INCLUSION is having a voice, and BELONGING is having that voice be heard. Every child is just as important as the next one even if eng mengesb ma lechub eng turkork e melitngoi a loreal. And a smart and humble person will do well to stop and hear what a child has to say.  You’d be surprised how much you can learn from a child. I was listening to an Udesuall radio program about chongalk and telungalk. It was really good. One thing I heard that struck the chord was (I’m paraphrasing) adults are good in speaking out their expectations but they don’t let the kids express themselves.  Sometimes we need to stop lecturing and labeling them and let them speak without judging them. They need to be heard making themselves feel they belong and therefore not afraid to stand alone.

Our children are precious in the eyes of God not necessarily because they’re ‘A’ students or talented or e te ngalk ra ilteet or e te ngarbab el chad ar demerir mar derrir.  But simply because they exist and are created in God’s image. 

Discipline is not choungeroel e mengelebed, it is to reclaim virtue. And to teach them values  and develop their moral intelligence to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason. Not so much in words but by exampkes.

I’m hoping that 2022 will bring fresh breeze to this land and revive our hearts to see the value of our children from infancy to 21 as precious and loved.  That they be given a voice and a place at the table to feel free to think for themselves as member of an inclusive society.

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