The Ministry of Education’s plan to shift to year-round school is underway, according to President Surangel Whipps Jr.

In his State of the  Republic Address ( SORA) last week, the president said the “initiatives to redistribute the school calendar” are set to begin this summer.

Last year, Education Minister  Dale Jenkins said that in year-round schooling, students start school in  August and will have several two- to three-week mini-breaks. 

Whipps, in his address, said students will still  have their six-week summer break and minimum two-week breaks between quarters,  but the shift  will  be more beneficial for both the students and the teachers to  “better retain the educational gains that
would otherwise be lost during the long summer months.”
Minister Jenkins has said the year-round calendar classes can prevent burnout from both teachers and staff with more frequent breaks. 

 “I look upon that’s like a marathon race. You start off, and you’re pacing yourself, being very careful pacing yourself so you don’t burn out, then you got the Christmas break. And then you pace yourself again,” he told Island Times last year.
Mr. Jenkins said students can also have the chance to take remediation classes during breaks, which is both beneficial to the students and teachers. (Island Times)

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