As nature takes its course, I stand poised and watched the sun sinking beyond the horizon, in the twilight hour showing off its ambient light.

I find myself holding my breath to catch a glimpse of the green spark of light just before the sun leaves us in the dark of night.

The sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline coupled with the evening cool breeze rustling through the palm tree fronds lulling away the stress of my day.

So peaceful and calming, yet my heart is yearning. The sound of music from a distance brings forth memories of someone special oceans away.

Crickets harmoniously making music whilst the drumming beats of the croaking frogs.

The sound of raindrops softly falling on tin rooftops and the soft amber light from a scented candle flickering in the dark of night, I slowly drift into the abyss of a peaceful slumber with the memories of someone special my heart wants to keep.

 By DO, my friend.

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