According to report by Adelbai Ra Tmiu, Jackson Henry, on June 11, 2022, the Palau traditional ceremony of Blengur was held at the Bai Ra Ngermasech on Angaur, ordaining Mr. Anghel Salii to assume the traditional title as Dib Ra Tmiu, the highest chief of Tmiu clan.
Deib Anghel Salii succeeds Dib Setsuo Tellei who passed away in Year 2021. Tmiu Clan has three chiefs namely, Dib, Ulengchong and Adelbai.
Dib Ra Tmiu ranks third of the six clans comprising the Council of Chiefs called Ngaraeriud of the village of Ngermasech. Angaur has four villages namely, Ngermasech, Rois, Ngebeyanged and Ngerbelau.
A total of $15,730.00 were raised for Dib Anghel Salii as his Techiau along with two Palau Beads Money.

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