By:L.N. Reklai

The annual Asian Pacific Association for Fiduciary Studies conference is held this week from November 28 to December 2nd in Manila, Philippines.

The annual event is a popular event for many because of the location and the timing being in the Philippines before the holiday season.


The event is attended annually by many Palauans representing various entities that have investments in market.  The event is referred to by some as “junket” but others see it as a necessary educational event for many with responsibilities over public funds.

This year, the event features four different accredited trainings aimed at educating people with roles or responsibilities over invested public funds.

Entities in the Republic of Palau with funds invested in the stock markets include Pension Plan, Social Security Administration, Koror State Government, Palau Community College, Palau Community Action Agency, Palau National Telecommunications Corporation, Palau Public Utilities Corporation and Ngaraard State Government as well as the national government Compact Trust Fund.

The event is usually attended by 30 or more attendees from Palau each year. [/restrict]