By: L.N. Reklai

(Palau) In an 18-day operation, the first joint humanitarian assistance activities conducted in Palau by Japan Self Defense Forces and its counter parts from the USA, UK, and Australia, brought medical services to 1,954 people.


Of the 1,954 patients seen, 720 were eye patients, 38 of whom received cataract surgery.  483 received dental services and 751 received general medical check-ups.

The joint operation also provided other assistance including painting roofs of Koror Elementary School and its gymnasium.  It also painted and fixed some of the Palau High School classrooms and Belau National Hospital facilities.

Other activities undertaken by the humanitarian operation include community clean ups, cultural exchanges and a joint memorial service held at Peleliu.

Participants from the three countries involved in the humanitarian operation included also civilian volunteers from the 3 countries such as the members of Japanese NGO group the “Vision Van”.

Ministry of Defense and the Japan Self Defense Forces as well as participating members for

the Pacific Partnership 2016 in Palau expressed their sincere appreciation to the officials of the Government of Palau, Palauan counterparts and the general public in Palau for their kind acceptance and all assistance to the operations. [/restrict]