Over 600 Palauan patients treated at Shin Kong in Taipei

By: L.N. Reklai

August 19, 2016 (Koror) Belau National Hospital and Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital of the Republic of China (Taiwan) inked an MOU renewing and strengthening the relationship between the two hospitals on Friday.


The memorandum of understanding establishes a working relationship between Belau National Hospital and Shin Kong Memorial Hospital, allowing technical support, capacity building as well as medical services to be channeled to the people of Palau from the Shin Kong Memorial Hospital.  It also allows for referral of patients from Palau to Shin Kong Hospital in Taipei.

“I am extremely happy to see the signing of this MOU,” stated Superintendent Dr. Ho.  “We’ve treated over 600 Palauan patients with all our hearts but it is very important to maintain good health, which is why our doctors are instructed to follow up on the status of their Palauan patients,” added Ho.

Minister Ngirmang expressed his appreciation for the support and assistance that Shin Kong Hospital. “It has not just been the referral of patients to Shin Kong but the doctors and nurses that Shin Kong Hospital sends regularly to help us,” stated Minister Ngirmang.

“I am very excited that in addition to this, Shin Kong had donated an Endoscopy Unit, costing about $300,000, to help us in our diagnosis and treatment.  They have also sent a gastroenterologist Dr. Alex Chu to train our doctors and nurses on the use of the equipment, maintenance and other critical information that will really help us,” stressed Ngirmang.

Ambassador Michael Tseng of ROC also expressed his pleasure in seeing such relationship renewed and strengthened.  “We are more than just diplomatic allies and friends, we are diplomatic brothers and the Republic of China is very pleased to help its friend and brother.”

“This spells the most obvious benefit of the Palau-ROC relationship,” responded Minister Kuartei of the MOU and the exchanges between the two hospitals.  “I am here to express His Excellency President Remengesau’s appreciation of this remarkable exchange between the two hospitals and the two countries.  The best way we can truly express our appreciation to our friend, is to maximize the assistance that the Republic of China extends to us to the fullest extent possible,” emphasized Kuartei.

Currently, doctors from Shin Kong Hospital are here conducting clinics for 2 week at the Belau National Hospital. The doctors include Dr. Patrick Hsu, a pulmonologist, Dr. Alex Chu, a gastroenterologist, and another doctor, a dermatologist providing services in their specialized fields.

Minister Greg Ngirmang signed for the Belau National Hospital and Superintendent Dr. Ho signed on behalf of the Shin Kong Memorial Hospital, both witnessed by Minister of State Billy Kuartei and Ambassador Tseng of the Republic of China.

This new MOU does not have an expiration date but it is up for review every two years.  The first MOU was executed in 2008. [/restrict]