This year is filled up with major sports and the respective national sports federations with Palau National Olympic Committee have been active with planning and preparation of actions in the lead up to the respective games happening this summer.

The respective National Sports Federations and Palau NOC are meeting regularly since last year to plan strategies and actions to hold the Belau Games and to send Team Palau to the 2023 Micronesian Games in Marshall Islands and Pacific Games in Solomon Islands. The Belau Games is scheduled for June 30th to July 9th, with Micronesian Games from July 22 to August 2, and the Pacific Games from November 19th to December 2.

The Palau NOC have also met with States Governors to confirm participation to the Belau Games and a meeting have been set with States and sports for Tuesday January 31st at 11:30am at PNOC Office.  There are currently 18 available sports programs for Belau Games, and this will be finalized after the final registration for States teams also on January 31st.

In the preparation for the 2023 Micronesian Games, the respective sports federations are now in full gear in selecting coaches with some sports preselection of athletes that are already at the national level and are in training all year round, including participating in local and outside competitions regularly.    There are teams already in training not only for Belau Games, but also gearing toward to Micronesian Games and the Pacific Games.

These sports events are all made possible because everyone take part and support the Teams, be officials, coaches, and volunteers in all three events of Belau Games, Micronesian Games and Pacific Games.  Including commitment and support from the States government and from our national government, sponsors, and partnerships.

The Belau Games announces the support of the NCD fund for this year to support the games; and the Micronesian Games Team commitment of the sports going to the games, is to do a lot fundraising, plus commitment for every participant, including all athletes, coaches and officials to put in a participation of $200.00 per person.  The anticipated number for Team Palau to the Micronesian Games is about 250, to participate in all sports.

In the lead up to the Pacific Games at the end of the year in November, key national athletes are already preparing as well for the event, as it requires an all year round of training, competitions, and preparation to the level of Pacific Games.  These upcoming Belau Games and Micronesian are also a threshold for our athletes’ high performances pathway to more competition and elevating performances.  In addition, Oceania Sports Championships this year are also within the calendar of sports events 2023, where our athletes and Team Palau can continue to improve, break national records and bring pride to our nation through competitions and regional sporting events. 

As have been always a tradition for our Team Palau, the key, is the support of every parent, families, mentors, teachers, leadership and our whole community is much needed to engage and encourage our athletes and our teams as they make the commitment to train hard and take part in their sports and participate in the game with full 365 backup of everyone that delivers a champion.  Stop by at the Palau NOC and support your State Team and  Team Palau and/or visit any of the sports facilities and support sports events and team training, it makes a big difference with your presence.

For More information about all the 2023 Sports Events, please contact the Palau NOC Office 488-6562 and talk to Marcy Andrew or stop by the Palau NOC Office at the Palau National Gymnasium.

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