The government of Pakistan is seeking support from Palau’s Congress to deal with the repercussion of climate change that had ravaged their country.

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf of Pakistan’s National Assembly said Palau’s support is needed for its emergency proposal titled” Creating a Global Fund/ Financing Facility for climate vulnerable countries to address loss and damage associated with climate change.”

Mr. Ashraf said lawmakers of various parliaments in the world should band together to address climate crisis.

Since June 14, 2022, thousands of people have been killed by the floods in Pakistan. The floods have been caused by heavier than usual rains and are described as the deadliest flood since 2017. 

In August, Pakistan declared a state of emergency because of the flooding and estimated a $40 billion loss.

Pakistan is urging support from nations to push for developed nations to scale up financing to respond to the needs of developing nations. 

The country said climate finance continues to be insufficient. 

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