A 62-year-old man from Peleliu is declared missing by the Bureau of Public Safety, but the police cannot reveal how long he has been missing, where and where he was last seen.  The information MOJ Public Information Officer said that the investigation is ongoing, and certain information can’t be released at this time.

The flyer issued by BPS states that he is missing and to contact the police if anyone has any information.

The missing man, Joel Tulop worked for KFM and KFC as a fisherman and watchman until 2019. After KFC closed in 2019, he went to work watching Palau Tuna boats, according to former employer Quincy Kuniyoshi.

According to other sources, Mr. Tulop, who lived in Butilei with his mother and aunt, left for Guam when his mother passed away in 2019.

The investigation is proceeding with the Palau Bureau of Public Safety checking all potential leads, including collaborating with Guam law enforcement agencies.

Anyone with any knowledge of Tulop and his last whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Bureau of Public Safety.

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