A proposed Senate Bill is eyeing the creation of a Foster Care program in honor of Ms. Rebecca Koshiba, a well-respected social worker.

Senate bill 11-85 passed its first reading in the Senate and referred to the Senate Committee on Health and Social Welfare Committee chaired by Sen. Stevenson Kuartei.

“The bill honors and memorializes the work of Ms. Rebecca Koshiba, who was the Victims of Crime Assistance Program manager at the Ministry of Health,” it added.

Koshiba’ has dedicated her time to children and women needing help. Call Rebecca was the cry or plea of children or when abused or threatened in any way, “ the bill stated.

The  Rebecca Koshiba Kinship  Foster Care Program is aimed at providing children with an opportunity for a timely reconciliation with their families, if their families can provide safe family homes and with timely and appropriate services or permanent plans to ensure the safety of the child so they may develop and mature into responsible, self-sufficient, law-abiding citizens.,” the bill added.

The bill will provide Kinship Foster Care  Parent eligibility and qualifications and under this, the foster parent will be involved in planning for foster child care such as counseling, therapy, or court sessions.

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