Aimeliik State government signed into law ASPL 12-21 establishing Rengulbai Brikul Memorial Scholarship Foundation. 

 Late Legislator Jason Techur Timulch initiated the law with the intention to “ensure that students and citizens of the State are given the opportunity to further their education for the betterment of their lives.”

Legislative findings state that “the future of our State rests on better education, welfare, security and well-being of the people of Aimeliik.”

Establishing the scholarship foundation was stipulated in the major land lease contract between Aimeliik State Public Land Authority and Palau Golf Inc., where Palau Golf Inc. will provide initial funding of $50,000 followed by annual contributions of $10,000 upon the establishment of the foundation.

The law mandates Aimeliik State Public Land Authority (AIMSPLA) to charter the scholarship foundation as a nonprofit organization with ASPL members as the initial incorporators.  Once incorporated, Governor will appoint five members with the consent of the Legislature to replace the ASPL Board as Foundation members. 

The Foundation will be responsible for managing the Scholarship Foundation, but scholarship applications will go through the Palau National Scholarship Board.

The law does not limit the foundation to receiving just funds from Palau Golf Inc. and includes any other funds provided for the purpose of the scholarships.

AIMSPLA has 60 days from signing the bill into law to charter the Foundation as a nonprofit corporation.

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