Aimeliik State will mark its 34th Constitutional Day Celebration with two-days of epic festivities.  According to the Organizing Committee, the formal commemoration will take place on Friday, June 30, 2017 at Kamosang Dock in Aimeliik State.  

[restrict] The Organizing Committee is inviting the Palau National Government Leadership, as well as State Government Heads and lawmakers to grace the official ceremony.  Both local and off-island attendees are expected to reach several hundred strong with an upwards of forty-plus Aimeliik Delegation from Guam also confirmed to join in the two-day festivities.  The Organizing Committee has designated the entire Kamosang Dock at Ngerkeai and its surrounding park ground as the venue for the grand celebration.

The second day of the event (July 1, 2017), which is the actual date of the Aimeliik State Constitution Day, the people of Aimeliik, together with the visiting Guam Delegation will commemorate the day with a planned visit to the rock islands in the world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Koror State Rock Islands Southern Lagoon.   Activities and live-band music are planned for the all-day celebration to commemorate the special day for the people of Aimeliik State. [/restrict]