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Last week a Filipina in her 30s passed away in an unfortunate incident of not being able to sustain her body through pregnancy allegedly due to previously being treated for tumor.

Julian Samontina worked at a store ran by a Bangladeshi national located near Bank of Hawaii, Koror. Her cause of death is not revealed by the Belau National Hospital, however, the Director of Bureau of Clinical Services assured cooperation in revealing data on successful and unsuccessful pregnancies and demise of the woman in the process.

Samontina’s coworkers claimed that the fetus had already died in the womb and Samontina passed away in the process of getting it out.

The owner of the store she worked at claimed that Samontina had made a short trip back to her homeland last year to get her tumor operated. The operation was successful but the medical professionals she referred to in the Philippines had warned her to not get pregnant for few years and give her body time to heal, according to the owner.

He further added that she returned within a month back to Palau and that she was kept away from work that took physical efforts.

“We even renewed her work permit this year and it is sad what happened.” The owner said.

Samontina is survived by two siblings working in Palau and a mother. According to the store owner, her body will be sent back to Philippines. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)