Richard Alonz officially took his seat as the member of the 11th Koror State Legislature representing Ikelau hamlet after the installation ceremony held at the Koror State Assembly Hall yesterday.
Legislator Richard Alonz will serve the remaining term of late Legislator Vann Isaac who passed away in May of this year.
According to the KSL credential’s committee report, Legislator Alonz met all the requirements mandated under Koror State Constitution and State laws. Resolution to adopt the credentials committee report was adopted unanimously by all Legislators present.
Not contesting the credentials, the Committee reported an issue that arose between Koror State Legislature and Election Commission on the interpretation of the Koror State law determining the timing of the Special Election.
KLS believed that their law dictates that election take place 45 days after the passing of the legislator whereas Election Commission interpreted it to say, within 45 days after the law is passed, which caused the election to take place 65 days after passing of late Legislator Vann Isaac. After communications back and forth, Credentials Committee decided to “honor the wishes of the people of Ikelau” having chosen their representative through an election process and proceed with seating their colleague officially.
Speaker Alan Marbou in his closing statements said that they have honored the wishes of the people of Ikelau but they will work with Election Commission to ensure that this misinterpretation will not happen again.
Legislator Alonz vowed to work with his colleagues for the best interest of his constituents in Ikelau and Koror as a whole.
He further recognized and thanked the family of late Vann Isaac who came to attend his installation ceremony.
Together with the 11th Koror State Legislature, they presented late Legislator Isaac’s name plate to his family.

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