Paramount Chief Ucherbelau Lorenso Edward, Dirrbelau Lorensa Pedro, Obak and Former Minister of State Andres Uherbelau Former Governor Theodosia Blailes, and Governor Marvin Ngirutang paid courtesy call to Japan’s new ambassador to Palau, H.E. Toshiyuki Yamada today at the Embassy of Japan in Ngerkebesang.


During the Courtesy Call Governor Ngirutang reassured Ambassador Yamada that Angaur will cooperate fully with the search and reclaiming of the remnants of Japanese soldiers who lost their lives in the Battle of Angaur.

Governor Ngirutang also informed Ambassador Yamada that a group from Angaur will be visiting Japan in the Spring to witness the Cherry Blossom Festival and also pay courtesy visit to the Mayor of Tokyo.

The Angaur leaders before concluding their meeting presented Ambassador Yamada a book entitled “The Number One Island in the Pacific” which is about Angaur during and after World War II.

Ucherbelau Lorenso Edward delivered his official speech about how Angaur went from eating taro to eating rice today (from Germany to Japan then American administrations.)

Angaur is the only state and entity outside of Japan which uses the Japanese language as one of its three official languages.

Today’s meeting would be one of Governor Ngirutang’s last few official functions before leaving Office on January 2017.    (Contributed) [/restrict]