In August, Palau saw 1,163 arrivals, the highest number of arrivals since Palau closed its borders in March of 2020 due to the pandemic.   In August 2020, Palau received a total of 30 people and these were essential workers that were brought in through charter flights.

With the increase in the number of vaccinations and the government push to restart tourism, numbers have been steadily increasing, beginning with the “travel bubble” in April of this year with Taiwan where Palau received 257 arrivals.  Since then, with the opening of vaccinated travel between Palau and Guam as well as the regular weekly “travel bubble’ with Taiwan, numbers are increasing.  For example, in total arrivals in June was 82, in July it was 294 and in August it was 1163.

Talk of increasing the number of flights per week from Guam is on the table as the number of arrivals continues to grow.  With Taiwan’s homegrown COVID-19 vaccine Medigen accepted by Palau, the number of arrivals from Taiwan “travel bubble” flights is expected to rise.

Palau continues to implement multiple testings for COVID-19 as arrivals continue to grow.  With 99% of the population vaccinated and the rollout of booster shots, Palau’s President Whipps urges people to relax and accept the “new normal” and make way for more travelers in the coming months.

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