On Wednesday, July 7, 2021, Bank Pacific celebrated their 67th anniversary since first beginning their company in Guam. Bank Pacific originally called Guam Savings and Loan began its work in Guam during the time of Guam Governor Joseph Flores who established it after his term in the government. After its establishment, Guam Savings and Loan opened their branch in Palau in 1996 and within almost two years after that, they changed the name to Bank Pacific. That’s 25 years since the first time it opened in Palau.

Bank Pacific manager Joseph Koshiba has been with the bank over 25 years since its branch opened in Palau and says that he is very happy with the way things have been going.

“I believe that our customers are satisfied with our services seeing that new accounts are being opened every day and despite what’s been going on in the past year due to COVID, things will get better once borders will be open.”

Bank Pacific has 6 branches consisting of four in Guam, one in Saipan and one in Palau. Bank Pacific is one of the only three main banks in Palau alongside with Bank of Guam and Bank of Hawaii that are FDIC insured banks. They are much smaller company than the other two and have of staff of only 7 people, four tellers and two who work under the manager.

The staff celebrated their anniversary by giving slices of cake to customers that came in that day.

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