Palau Golf Inc. with Aimeliik State government leadership, Aimeliik State Public Land Authority and EQPB Board members and guests held a celebration last night after receiving their environmental permit from Palau Environment Quality Protection Board.

Palau Golf Inc., a corporation that leased approximately 2 million square meters of land in Aimeliik for a golf and resort business since 1996, received their environmental permit from EQPB to construct 105 room hotel and villas with 115 units.

The facilities, according to Allen Seid, will not be high-rise buildings but “high end” hotel and villas. The golf course itself is not included in this permit.

Governor Browny Simer expressed his appreciation to Mr. Seid and PGI for “opening new opportunity” for Aimeliik State.

Simer thanked EQPB board members who were present at the celebration for “following the rules” to ensure that the project lives on.  He added that the process can be long and sometimes difficult but he appreciated that they followed the rules and approved the project.

Aimeliik State Public Land Authority Chairman Sriderio Rengulbai acknowledged previous leadership of both AIMSPLA and Aimeliik State government and the people that were there in the beginning to get the project of the ground.  He added that this will not only benefit Aimeliik but Palau as well.

“We hope this will bring good economic benefits to Palau”, stated Mr. Lee, manager and owners’ representative in Palau, adding that he was happy to see the project moving forward.

Under a lease contract between AIMSPLA and PGI Inc., PGI was supposed to have completed construction of a 500 room hotel by February of 2020 or have their lease cancelled.  According to Junior Ueki, Managing Director of AIMSPLA, due to delay in issuance of EQPB permit, AIMSPLA extended the terms as the company had valid reason for the delay.

Under the contract, in addition to yearly lease rental, the company will pay $350 per unit royalty fee to the state each year.

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