On July 4th, 2020 the Bureau of Marine Resources (BMR) in collaboration with Choll Youth planted 200 clams in front of Choll Beach, Ngaraard State.  In an effort to provide the youth with worthwhile summer activities that inspire and motivate them, Chief Ngirameketii Elbuchel Sadang along with Choll County Legislator Saburo Remoket requested and organized the weekend activity for their youth.  

The Bureau of Marine Resources, with the support from The Nature Conservancy (TNC), was able to source 100 large Derasa (kism) from Mr. Marciano Ulechong and matched them with another 100 from its own stock inventory.  Director Leon Remengesau was able to present the 200 clams to the Choll youth as he also gave a short talk on sustainable marine resources use and the importance of giant clam aquaculture, restocking the wild and protecting the relocated giant clams

After the clam planting, Chief Ngirameketii (who once was executive director of Palau Conservation Society) said to the youth that “they not only planted clams today, but planted in their hearts to take care of their clams and their environment.” 

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