On June 04th, 2020 The Bureau of Marine Resources (BMR) along with Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) Fish Biologist Dr. Alex Filous surveyed an area outside Billis Reef in Aimeliik State as a potential site for FAD. 

This comes in response to Aimeliik State’s Governor Simer’s request to deploy a Fish Aggravating Device (FAD) to support the state community’s fishermen.  Based on PICRC expert Dr. Filous’ PNMS project determination, the FAD should be deployed in depth around 1000 meters. 

Leading BMR’s team was local FAD experts Mr. Erbai Yukiwo and Roman Mongami.  Based on the recommendations and consultation with Mr. Erbai and Dr. Filous, the FAD survey team was able to find a proper location just between 3-4 miles from the outer reef of Billis.  The Bureau continues to work with state communities and experts in the effort to develop and strengthen Palau’s Domestic Fishery.

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