HONIARA, 04 NOVEMBER 2019 (ISLAND SUN) —An aluminium boat laden with narcotics and scarred with bullet hole has washed up ashore at Rupo beach, Ulawa island, Makira-Ulawa province in Solomon Islands.

Report reaching the paper says the shocked villagers, last Thursday, discovered the trashed boat with marijuana and white powder, which they believed to be cocaine, all in packs and stashed in makeshift compartments within the sides, cabin and flooring of the boat.

No one was on the boat, which carried twin 75 hp engines. One of the engines had supposedly bullet holes on it.

Report says the damages to the sides, cabin and flooring exposed the hidden cargoes – drugs.

The villagers say the load of drugs retrieved from the boat is “enough to fill a three-tonne truck three times”.

Meanwhile, multiple reports tell of a mysterious “expensive looking luxury yacht” sighted between Ulawa and Three Sisters islands.

Police is reportedly in Ulawa island to investigate the wrecked boat. Report reaching Island Sun says the police patrol boat is at the island to collect the discovery.

Locals speaking to the paper believe that the boat drifted from the easterly direction, following the strong current that flows from there. They say the boat is not of Solomon Islands origin, “definitely from another country”.

“This looks like a drug carrier which met terrible stuff in the sea. The bullet holes indicate gun or pistol must have been used,” says a villager reporting to Island Sun.

“The boat came ashore at Rupo Village beach near the Ulawa ‘Arona airport’ area of the island on Wednesday night.

“Many of our boys from the island villages went to see the boat before telling the police at Taheramo police post over the discovery.

“Maybe there was a deal to exchange or send these drugs somewhere but then unfortunately something happened.

“We suspect there must have been a fight somewhere and someone or people died.

Locals elaborated that after receiving report Taheramo police officers attended the scene; a police team from Honiara later arrived by Helicopter to do investigation.

Locals say, “All these drugs in the boat is a professional Job on which had it not been for the boat crack caused by what it is seems from rocks, the drugs would not had been seen. Some of the drugs packets were lying on the sand near the boat when locals discovered the finding.

“The drugs looked like they are packed by factories from overseas. The cabin in front of the boat is also full with drugs on which a three-tone truck can be fully loaded with them.

“Just by smelling the drugs, your head will go dizzy. The front cabin door that police were trying to break open was also locked with ‘Don’t Touch’ written on it.”

Villagers spoken to say they are shocked to find such finding on which they are curious if whether such packing is possible to be done in Solomon Islands.

Police in Kirakira, Inspector Jerry Muaki, when contacted over the drugs discovery confirmed the report but said he has not received any full-detailed report yet.

“I don’t have its full detail yet on which I asked the police from Honiara Headquarters to come to the province and go to Ulawa to do investigation.”

Inspector Muaki from not receiving any report yet referred to check the matter from the Provincial Assistant Commissioner (AC) at Honiara over which attempt to the ACs Office was unsuccessful.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Media Unit when inquiring the issue on them said “We will get back to you as soon as we get the right information” (PACNEWS)