PAWS launched its 2021 low cost spay (female) and neuter (male) clinics for Palau dogs and cats on Tuesday September 7. Clinics continue daily through September 30.
• Koror, September 7-10, 13, 30
• Ngardmau, September 14-17
• Airai (conducted at the tennis courts), September 20-24
• Ngaremlengui, September 27-29
Surgeries are performed by visiting volunteer veterinarian, Dr. Terry Paik from San Diego. Pet owners can call the clinic at 775-PAWS (7297) to make an appointment for their animals.
PAWS urges all pet owners to spay and neuter their pets. Benefits include
• Healthier pets that live longer
• Prevents over-population and suffering of abandoned animals
• Less unwanted behaviors such as roaming and fighting.

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