Palau Council of Chiefs (Rubekul Belau) is convening the 1st Traditional Leaders Forum, gathering traditional leaders from all of the 16 states of the Republic of Palau on the 14th and 15th days of June 2022.

“So much has happened since the evolution of the COVID 19 pandemic and it is important to take some time and remember those that we have lost and reflect on how we move forward” states the COC press release issued yesterday.

The press release stated that this was an “opportune” time to convene the traditional leaders to “discuss our vision for a “Resilient Palau”: by protecting a resilient environment, building back a more resilient economy, nurturing our social system and our indigenous roles and traditional responsibilities.”

“As Rubekul Belau (Palau Council of Chiefs) our constitutional and traditional roles and duties, among many, are to see to it that the livelihood of the people of our states is sustainable. As we enter the post-pandemic phase, we recognize that building back a better and resilient Palau requires us to take stock of the new realities that we face in our communities today. We believe that Palau’s traditions of respect and cooperation are a fundamental pillar to our nation’s continued development and consider them to be timeless-just as relevant today as they were generations ago”, remarked High Chief Reklai .B. Ngirmang of Rubekul Belau.

The Forum will have the leaders assess and discuss “current realities”  and factors affecting communities and share solutions based on “mutual respect and cooperation” and strengthen the application of traditional knowledge in resource management.

The expected outcome will be a summary of what will be discussed and the endorsement of the Traditional Leaders.  The outcomes will be shared publicly according to the press release issued by the Council of Chiefs (Rubekul Belau).

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