The CROSS ACT, a pandemic relief law that provides some financial assistance and job placements to those affected by the COVID-19 impact, will continue until March of 2022 reported Minister of Finance Kaleb Udui Jr. this Wednesday.

The program which was expected to close this December has been extended.  Previously, Minister Udui had reported that the program is expected to end in December but if they have enough funding by December, they will extend it to March.

He confirmed that it is extended to March and they are also discussing opening it up to new applicants.  With America Rescue Plan under WIOA nearly completed with only 100 remaining people to receive their final payments, it is expected that there will be people needing assistance again.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of HRCT&D is working with WIOA, Palau Community College, and the private sector to retrain and place some of these workers into permanent jobs.

With slow tourism recovery, the return of jobs for the 1,200 individuals that were under WIOA, and those remaining from the CROSS Act, the need for assistance is expected to continue into 2022.

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