Crashed government car at Umi Restaurant with smashed windows.

Pictures and video showing a government vehicle crashed into Umi Restaurant door in Madalaii, Koror with windows smashed and tires slashed was shared widely over social media this weekend.

The police report confirmed that a reckless driver crashed the vehicle into the building and created a disturbance to the tenants of the neighboring apartments.  The report also confirmed that they were investigating Semdiu Decherong, FIC Commissioner whose office is right next to Umi Restaurant where the vehicle had crashed.

A viral video posted on social media shows Decherong being taunted by what looks like a tenant on the second-floor apartment across from the FIC Office.  Decherong was yelling back in response and threatening the person videotaping him.

Report from next-door neighbor to FIC said that they went out when the vehicle crashed into the building and commotion occurred but the car windows were not smashed or tires slashed. Later around 2 am when they came back out, the windows were smashed and the tires slashed. (L.N. Reklai)

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