Aren B. Palik

POHNPEI (PACIFIC ISLANDS TIMES) — The Micronesian parliament today elected Sen. Aren B. Palik as the Federated States of Micronesia’s ninth vice president, succeeding Yosiwo George who passed away last month.

Immediately after being elected, Palik took his oath of office and assumed the duties and responsibilities of the vice presidency.

Palik served as a member of the FSM Congress representing the Kosrae. He held the position of vice chair on both the Congressional Committee on Education and the Congressional Committee on Resources & Development.

After graduating from Eastern Oregon State College in 1982, Palik returned to the FSM and built a career in the nation’s financial sector for over 15 years. He served as a planner and economist for the Kosrae government and also held the position of vice president of the FSM Development Bank.

In 2002, Palik became the president and CEO of the Pacific Islands Development Bank, a position that he held until his election in the FSM Congress in 2019.

Palik is married to AdelitaAbraham Palik, and they have four children, Sonja, Ryan, Lloyd and Jason.

The FSM Congress elected a new vice president following the death of George, who had a bout with Covid-19 for nearly three weeks…. PACNEWS

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