Federated States of Micronesia recorded its first case of COVID-19 , from a crewman on board a government ship named the Chief Mailo, which has been in the Philippines.
In his address sent to the media yesterday, FSM President Panuelo said the case has been contained at the border but urged the people to remain calm.
“For more than one year, we have been blessed to be a COVID-19 free country, living mostly normal lives while the rest of the World have not. Today, I address you to provide an update on the recent and alarming news that has reached many of you regarding our Nation’s first positive case of COVID-19,” President Panuelo said in his address.
FSM now loses its status as COVID-free. In the Pacific nations, Palau, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga Tuvalu and Cook Islands have not reported a single case of coronavirus.
Panelo said he has authorized the Chief Mailo to return home to the FSM because the ship’s crew were already at the minimum operation requirement, and some of the crew were saying that they would leave the ship to either stay in the Philippines or see their families stranded in Guam.
The ship ,upon arrival in Pohnpei, the Chief Mailo had twelve crew tested for COVID-19 on January 6 , only one person tested positive for COVID-19.
He said all crew will stay on the ship and the individual on the Chief Mailo who tested positive for COVID-19 is isolated in the dispensary area.
He assured the community that the person with COVID-19 “does not present any immediate risk of the virus spreading to the broader Micronesian community in Pohnpei.
“For this reason, citizens across the Nation should remain calm. Do not panic because the situation is contained.”
He said FSM is under COVID Condition 4, which means that schools, churches, and businesses of all kinds are still open.
The president encouraged the public to wear a mask and practice physical distancing.

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